Ever Since Shawn Yue founded his personal brand COMMON SENSE (CMSS) in 2010, he has collaborated with different international brands and fashion units and created quite a number of jointly produced fashion items and projects, which has gained a very enthusiastic response.

In 2014, Shawn developed a brand new independent label with the concept of MADNESS (MDNS). Compared with CMSS, which mainly focuses on limited collaborative editions, MADNESS is simply a platform which allows Shawn to share his personal preferences for fashion and lifestyles. Through this platform, Shawn spreads his belief in that “MADNESS BREEDS MADNESS”, everyone should wisely use their “MADNESS”, a somewhat “INSANE” instinct, so as to breed greater fashion sense.

MADNESS’s collection reveals Shawn’s consistency in minimalism with meticulous details and quality materials, together with our online store as a vast platform. MADNESS is dedicated to providing people around the world with the best quality and the best shopping experience.